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Several technologies exist for biogas treatment and refinement. Tecno Project Industriale proposes exclusively the solutions it deems to be the most valid. One such solution involves the use of ultra-high selectivity polymeric refinement membranes (HPSM) that allow the achievement of high refined gas flow rates and high yields without using chemical agents.

Efficiency and versatility

The HPSM plants developed and industrialised by TPI make it possible to obtain high levels of purity with recovery efficiency in excess of 99%, thus making the pure biomethane suitable for distribution in national gas networks.


• High pressure operating system;
• the CO2 can be easily recovered with a suitable TPI plant, also making it possible to eliminate the small loss of methane completely;
• simple and innovative system;
• biomethane delivery pressure from 10 to 20 bar; biogas flow rate from 50 Nm3/h to 3,000 Nm3/h.