Established in 1987 and settled in Curno, Bergamo (50 km North-East of Milan) is an Italian company which provides solutions for the Gas Markets from the Beverage Industry to Gas Applications.
Experience, research and development of enhanced technology make TPI able to produce plants with a very high quality level...


  • CO2-Recovery Plants from fermentation (for Breweries, Alchool)
  • CO2-Recovery Plants from Dry Ice Production
  • CO2-Production Plants from fuel combustions
  • CO2-Dry Ice Pelletizers TP-Series
  • CO2-Dry Ice Blasting
  • CO2-Ancillary equipment


  • Air & Gas Purification-Drying
  • Nitrogen Production Units
  • Natural Gas Demisters & Dryers
  • Seal Gas Recovery Units
  • Special Refrigeration Units
  • Off-shore Units for platforms and FPSO