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Biomethane is produced by processing biomass and organic waste using biogas purification technology. It can be used as a fuel on a par with natural gas, thus enabling a reduction in environmental impact. The production of biomethane from biomass and organic waste (including FORSU - Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) combines the reduction of environmental impact with the generation of clean, self-produced and renewable energy. Over the years, SIAD has earned a reputation as an innovator, developing new technologies to improve biomethane quality and recovering high-purity CO2.


SIAD innovation and CO2 recovery

Technological innovation guides the SIAD Group's choices and evolutionary processes in a context that is more current and cutting-edge than ever: biomethane production from biomass and organic waste. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the versatility of skills acquired, the SIAD Group offers processes, plants and products for each section of the "Waste to Biomethane" supply chain.

The SIAD Group develops processes, plants and products for each segment of the biomethane supply chain: from anaerobic digestion to biogas upgrading to the ability to recover CO2 at high purity for its market use. The Biogas Upgrading process enables the recovery of CO2, called biogenic CO2.


Group Expertise

Every company in the Group has an interest in the supply chain. Learn about the Group's expertise along the supply chain in this animated infographic.

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