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TPI's Biogas Upgrading solution represents an advanced approach to converting biogas into biomethane.


Our innovative technology enables the recovery of biomethane as a substitute for conventional natural gas derived from fossil fuels, thereby reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy practices. Biomethane (also known as “renewable natural gas”) is a near-pure source of methane produced either by “upgrading” biogas (a process that removes any CO2 and other contaminants present in the biogas). 


Tecno Project Industriale (TPI) offers a comprehensive range of systems to cover each stage of the Biogas treatment process:


  • Biogas and Biomethane compressors
  • Biomethane dryers
  • CO2 recovery and liquefaction
  • Biogas upgrading plants with membrane or selective solvent


TPI’s Biogas upgrading plants purify and refine Biogas produced from any kind of source (OFMSW, Organic Fraction Municipal Solid Waste, processing scrap and by-products, effluent from livestock farming, crop wastes and other biomass.

The international renown of TPI, with its more than three decades of experience in plant production, is built on the company’s consolidated ability to treat gas mixtures and recover CO2 of exceptionally high quality with optimal operating costs.


The best technologies for the biogas treatment are:

  • Biogas upgrading systems with 3-stage HPSM Membrane: ultra-high selectivity polymeric refinement membranes (HPSM) that allow the achievement of high refined gas flow rates and high yields without using chemical agents.
  • Biogas upgrading systems dedicated solvent: enriched with specific additives suitable for the treatment of biogas, that also allow the removal of CO2 without any special pre-treatment process.    

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