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TPI capture plants for CO2 extraction from poor sources (CO2 content down to 5% v/v) are the solution for local production of high purity  99.998% CO2, ISBT and EIGA quality guidelines compliant, from waste flue gas streams.
Main features are:
  • Available in standard capacities from 24 to 150 MTPD
  • Complete tailor made solutions available on request
  • Extremely low steam consumption
  • Based on simple MEA amine solvent, without expensive formulations or licensing fees
  • Compact liquefaction and stripping technology ensuring O2 content < 2 ppm
  • Double stage oil lubricated screw compressor to ensure uninterrupted service and low cost of ownership
  • Refrigeration system based on R717  
  • Available as PED or ASME VIII design, others on request
  • Completely automated with PLC (Siemens or Rockwell) or DCS (PCS7)
  • 100% Customizable
  • 24/7 remote service available
  • Expandable with TPI accessories (DeNOx units, amine reclaimers, NOx cold traps, Analysers, Evaporators, Cryogenic or Insulated Storage tanks)