CO<sub>2</sub> Cylinder filling units

CO2 Cylinder filling units

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CO2 Cylinder filling units - main

High pressure pump to transfer CO2, nitrogen, oxygen etc, from large high pressure gas containers to small cylinders.

The CO2 filling station is provided with electronic balance to measure the CO2 amount transferred to bottles.


TPI’s engineering offers you:

  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Extremely low NPSH requirement
  • High precision filling – LCD display
  • Zero setting for empty, gross,net weight
  • Computer data output
  • Skid mounted, fast installation


How TPI’ system works

The unit is an automatically operated CO2 filling station composed by a cryogenic pump skid, a filling control group column, an electric control panel and one electronic balances for weighing the transferred product.

The pneumatically actuated valves are shut-off automatically  by the electronic checking scale.

The pump skid is mounted on a stainless steel support and composed by a cryogenic pump, a vibration dumper and a distribution filling block. A gland packing specially developed for leakless operation reduces gas loss.