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Air heated

Choose a TPI’s Air Heated evaporator when installing or upgrading your CO2 businness. Operates with a very simple and reliable technology, using ambient air to vaporize the liquid CO2


TPI’s engineering offers you:

  • No electrical resistance
  • Skid mounted, fast installation
  • Air side defrosting /S.S. CO2 side
  • Neglibigle power for fans
  • Supplied prewired and pretested
  • Option for ambient Temp. < +10 °C


How TPI’ system works

The evaporation  system  consists  of  one  ambient  air  heated  evaporator  double circuit  and a pressure reducing station.

The blowers force the ambient air to the surface of finned tubes vaporizing and heating the CO2.

To prevent freezing of the external surface of the finned tubes, the two circuits are in operation by turn controlled by  a low temperature switch, installed on the CO2 outlet pipe. This temperature switch forces the switching of the circuits when outlet temperature decreases below the set point. 

A pressure reducer is installed downstream the evaporator on the CO2 line granting the desired distribution CO2 pressure.

A steam or hot water support can be installed as additional device when ambient temperature is below 10°C.


Available Options

When ambient conditions don’t allow to install air heated evaporator, TPI provides Steam, Water or Electrically heated vaporisers.

Smaller than air heated ones, they can be easily placed indoor.

Entirely in stainless Steel, they are Supplied prewired And pretested.

Installation and start up can be performed in a very short time.


MOD. Capacity Power supply Skid Approx. dimensions (mm)
  kg/h KW length  width m3
AHV-10  100 0,8 1950 1020 2000
AHV-25 250 1,6 3050 1050 2180
AHV-50  500 1,6 3050 1050 2180
AHV-75 750 3,3 4100 1080 2500
AHV-100  1000 3,3 4100 1080 2500
AHV-150  1500 5,7 4100 1080 2500
AHV-200  2000 7,6 5000 1200 2700
AHV-250 2500 7,6 5000 1200 2700
AHV-300  3000 9,5 5000 1200 2700



ENERGY SAVING EVAPORATORS - Recover approx. 0,1 kWh / hl of beer
The new Energy Saving CO2 evaporators manufactured by TPI allow recovery of  all the  refrigeration  energy  yielded  from Liquid CO2 during the evaporation process and to reuse  them for a pre-cooling step of glycol water. Recovering evaporation energy of 1 million Kg of CO2, can reduce energy consumption of 30.000 kWh which, at actual cost of energy, means a saving of  about 4000 euro. TPI produces Energy Saving Evaporators from 100 to 3000 kgh of evaporated CO2.