SIAD Group
SIAD Group is made up of companies that operate in the following sectors: Industrial Gases, Engineering, Healthcare, Industrial Goods and Services.
Tecno Project Industriale (TPI)
Tecno Project Industriale is the company within the group specialized not only in recovery, extraction and CO2 liquefaction but also in Biogas upgrading with Biomethane for food-grade CO2 recovery.
CO2 Plants
Discover our wide range of solutions for High Purity CO2
Biogas Upgrading Plants
Tecno Project Industriale offers a comprehensive range of systems to cover each stage of the biogas treatment process. Discover our solutions for the Biogas upgrading process
Biomethane Liquefaction Plants
Biomethane Liquefaction Plants
Engineering and Accessories
Tecno Project Industriale can provide dedicated tailor made solutions and a complete range of accessories to meet the end users’ needs. Discover how we can support you during your Project development
Aftersales Services
Tecno Project Industriale offers its customers a complete range of services, varying from maintenance intervention and spare parts supply to complete Service Level Agreements and remote support