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Dry Ice Blasting Units for almost any application

TPI’s latest addition to its product range offers a wide range of dry ice blasting units, robustly designed, using stainless steel and reliable equipment to ensure high performance and durability.


TPI’s engineering offers you:

  • Low air pressure consumption
  • Low dry ice consumption
  • Small and handy design
  • Lowest cost of maintenance
  • Solution for every budget
  • Durable and innovative design
  • And much more you should know of


How TPI’ system works

High density dry ice pellets will be filled into the dry ice blaster.

Compressed, dried air will be used with the dry ice blaster to accelerate the dry ice pellets through a extendable dry ice blasting hose to the blasting gun.


The dry ice blasting cleaning performance is based on the thermal shock of the dry ice pellets (-78°C) creating on the surface to be cleaned.

The coating, grease, paints, etc. which has to be removed non-abrasively will shrink and blasted away.

The underneath surface will be clean and due to the non-abrasive cleaning of this system the surface will be immediately ready for further treatment. As the surface will be food grade clean, there are many application where this unique cleaning method of using dry ice can be applied.


Cleaning System Hopper Size
Feed Rate
Pellet Feed System
Cleaning Power
Power Supply
TPI Pro3LF 13,6 0,7   * Electric
TPI Pro3 13,6 1,4   ** Electric
TPI Pro4 18,2 0 - 2 installed *** Pneumatic
TPI Pro10 45,5 0 - 3,2 installed **** Electric
TPI Pro8 36,2 0 - 3,2 installed **** Electric
TPI Pro8DX 36,2 0 - 3,2 installed **** Electric
TPI Pro8HP 36,2 0 - 3,2 installed ***** Electric