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For tank-truck loading stations

To effectively get  fast and continuous operation of your tank truck loading station choose  a TPI  solution.

Keeping high vapor liquids like CO2 stable and in liquid CO2 form is essential for your productivity.


TPI’s engineering offers you:

  • Specifically designed for bulk transfer
  • Differential pressures up to 7barg
  • Standard capacities up to 60 m3h
  • Vapour recovery system
  • Computer data output
  • Unloading included


How TPI’ system works

Use of modern manufacturing techniques make TPI able to enhance the pumping of liquid CO2 and other high vapor liquids. Our liquid CO2 transfer systems have proven to be very reliable and offer a simple and affordable solution for pumping CO2.

High-pressure pumps address the concerns of higher inlet pressure, temperature and compressibility of liquid CO2.

The system can be equipped with a CO2 Analysis System based on   Gascromatographic Quality Control. Connected to the tank truck automatic loading station, this analitical system  provides:

  • Residual impurities analysis,
  • Product analysis and certification,
  • Remote calibration.