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Tecno Project Industriale (TPI), with over thirty years of extensive experience, has developed a wide portfolio of both customised and standardised CO2 plants to meet all clients needs: volume, purity and time-to-solution needs. We can design your desired plant according to the usage of CO2.

Our CO2 Recovery, Production and Extraction plants are optimized to ensure highest levels of energy, efficiency and trouble-free operations, granting a continuous production of 99,998% pure CO2 in compliance with the ISBT and EIGA guidelines.

Also, recovering your own CO2 lowers your site’s CO2 footprint we support our customers on their journey towards decarbonization. Our CO2 liquefaction system are designed to assist our clients in their efforts to the reduction of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate climate change. This innovative system can even be combined with the biogas upgrading module's biomethane liquefaction process, resulting in a fuel that is not only carbon-neutral but carbon-negative. 

Our CO2 liquefaction systems may be used to recover and liquefy CO2 to create an extra source of revenue for the owner of the biogas plant with biogas upgrading system.

TPI has been the leader in many of the improvements to the existing technology that have now become the standards in the CO2 industry.

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