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Strategic answers for Food and Beverage Industry

 TPI believes to have great opportunities for growth through customer focused innovations that improve the quality of life and environment. That’s why TPI dedicates skilled Professional Resources and innovative Technical Solutions to ensure optimized installations, especially in food and beverage markets. CO2 produced by TPI plants is food grade ISBT compliant.

TPI's innovative technology in beverage gas quality has resulted in projects for the optimal CO2 treatment, tested and verified with installations in important breweries, mineral water and soft drink companies throughout the world.

TPI’s mission is to incorporate in plants and equipments the latest technical improvements and a design based on a wide knowledge of worldwide operative conditions. All the plants has to perform to standards now as well as in the future assuring the customer of a long life cycle.

Our Mission - main 2

R&D - Energy saving - Emission reduction

Large R&D efforts lead TPI to design, manufacture and deliver products, services and solutions with sustainability features that help customers to be more energy-efficient.

One of these opportunities had been the Energy Saving issue which carried TPI to put on the market bright solutions for Energy Saving Vaporizers and Liquefactors.

Relevant opportunities come also from Kyoto Protocol; TPI has been involved in the Cato Project and already supplied 3 pilot plant for CO2 Capture from flue gas. At the same time, TPI is working hard to reduce the energy footprint of its plants. 

At present, TPI’s R&D departement is involved in DoubleNanoMem, project financed by EU Commission’s 7th Framework Program to develop Nanocomposite and Nanostructured Polymeric Membranes for Gas and Vapour Separations.

CO2 Top Condenser  : to increase the CO2 recovery efficiency up to 3,5 kg/hl of beer, TPI developed an additional device for the stripper system, called “Top Condenser”