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Selective Solvent Plants

A traditional method, consolidated though time and well known, for separation of acid gases (namely CO2) from various stream types (flue gas, biogas, syngas. etc.) has been applied also to biogas by TPI for many years, with customers in several different countries.
The selective solvents system operates at low pressure and requires heat in the form of steam for solvent regeneration.
Separation achieved by means of this process is extremely efficient. This solution is also ideal for use in situations where network injection occurs at low
High performance
The plant technology is based on the use of a dedicated solvent enriched with specific additives suitable for the treatment of biogas, that also allow the removal of CO2 without any special pre-treatment process.
The biomethane obtained by this process is of extremely high purity (more than 99%). With respect to traditional amines, solvent consumption is far lower.
• Flow rate from 500 Nm3/h;
• high purity of CH4;
• high purity of CO2;
• ideal also for possible successive production of bio-LNG.