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Providing services for: Biogas Upgrading Plants

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To reduce operating costs and to maintain the high efficiency of its plants, TPI offers its customers a complete range of services, varying from maintenance intervention and spare parts supply to complete Service Level Agreements and remote support, utilizing skilled technicians.

Plants Inspective/Preventive/Corrective maintenance

Spare Parts supply including:

  • Consumables requirements (spares parts for 4000/8000 machine operation hours or 2-years/5-years plant operation)
  • Critical spare parts (parts determining plants downtime)
  • Capital spare parts (high value spares with long deliveries)
  • Generic spare parts

Spare parts supply strategy can be adapted to client’s need to guarantee prompt availability of certain spares at TPI or client’s premises.


Service Level Agreements including: 

  • scheduled visits of TPI commissioning engineers to check, correct and optimize the TPI plants performances
  • scheduled visits of CO2/NH3/Freon compressor specialists to execute preventive maintenance on piston/screw compressors and/or refrigeration circuits
  • scheduled visits of burner specialists to check and adjust the combustion regulation of gas/diesel burners (CO2 production plants) 
  • time and service conditions to supply on-site corrective maintenance in case breakdowns / emergencies
  • remote support


Remote assistance management via TPI4U:

  • remote monitoring/parameter check
  • remote emergency support

The TPI4U system is a PC based Plug&play system designed to allow immediate worldwide remote connection and control of all our TPI plants.

The TPI4U can be implemented in any new/existing TPI installation to monitor and control the plant operations and performances via simple internet connection and without any need to modify the PLC hardware and software architecture.


Training courses and improvements:

  • On-site theoretical and practical courses
  • Customized solution to update our client’s plants to latest technical solutions
  • Plants control system revamping