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Be like Quirino

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His far-sighted vision, sense of initiative and willingness to always find the right solution are the main characteristics of Quirino Sestini, our founder and carrier of a consolidated method that can bring added value to any situation. We could not wish for a better testimonial to represent SIAD and its strength, that lays its foundations on a way of being rather than a way of doing. This is the spirit enabling us to live through the years with unchanged drive for innovation and ability to adapt.

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The highlights of his life can be found flipping through dusty pages or consulting mysterious photo archives. Scarce information and scattered details are the best way to make a character legendary and turn his life into an adventurous novel that can penetrate collective imagination with a disruptive energy.

Quirino is a person and a persona.

His strength, modernity and distinctive personality merge with the chronicles of Bergamo, when the city took active part into the world events that left a permanent mark in history. We discover anecdotes and accounts of sentiments that make Quirino both a simple and a special man.

Metropolitan Museum



The Metropolitan Museum was opening in New York when Quirino Sestini, a man who loved to be surrounded by art and natural beauty, was born 4,500 miles away.

Metropolitan Museum



Quirino loved the future and he knew that studying would
.provide him with a special one

After graduating in organic chemistry, he became a professor at the Istituto Industriale vocational school in Bergamo. It was 1909 and across the Alps Filippo Marinetti was publishing his
.Futurist Manifesto on Le Figaro




The harmonization of body and mind is among the focal points stressed by Quirino during a public speech that vividly remained in the collective memory for its drive and resolution in stating the importance of an essential and balanced diet. In the very same years, many were investigating the essence of things, including Gropius, the founder of the famous Bauhaus school of design and a master in finding lean solutions for complex practical issues.

Museo Scienza



Quirino became the leading scientific consultant at Italcementi’s labs. Quirino was not interested in mere theoretical chemistry, but rather on its practical applications in industrial processes. In fact, he has always looked for efficient solutions to complex, practical problems. In the same year, the largest museum of science and technology was opening
.in Munich

Spirit of St.Louis



Good ideas travel across time and confer their authors to immortality.

This is the year when Quirino patented the porous mass and SIAD was established. Simultaneously, the dreams of many people were taking off. Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean on board of the Spirit of Saint Louis. He departed from New York and landed near Paris after 33 hours and 30 minutes at an average speed of 116 mph.




Quirino became a member of the Italian Center of Research

Science translated in all its practical applications has always been the driver in Quirino’s life. In the very same year, Telefunken in Germany manufactured the first TV set with
.cathode ray tubes


Quirino undeniably embodies timeless universal values that are further enriched with new meaning and refreshed with the passing of time.

It is incredible how a man, who was born in 1897, could convey such a level of innovation to impress the Italian society and often to catch it off guard while it was sadly engaged in war or social hardships.

Quirino has the energy to always go the extra mile and not be affected by the surrounding, staggering “Little Italy”. Quirino is both a practical man and a dreamer, who can always find opportunities, even amidst objectively difficult situations.

Quirino is passionate about knowledge. He started as the first chemistry teacher at the Istituto Tecnico vocational school in Bergamo until he became Professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan. He deemed that the practical application of theoretical studies in the industrial sector was the only valid method to create new business opportunities.

Quirino is a man of science as well as a man of great creativity. Owing to his skills, he was able to invent, and subsequently to patent, the porous mass, a discovery of epic proportions that is still used today to safely transport dangerous gas.

His far-sighted vision, sense of initiative and ability to always find the right solution are the best narrative of SAID, a business that lays its foundations on a way of being rather than a way of doing.

Quirino Sestini is the best testimonial to give voice to SIAD’s story.

He is a recognized model of dedication, receptiveness and inventiveness that we should all strive to for an enthusiastic approach to a brilliant future.

The truth is that we all want to be like Quirino.



You can meet Quirino in numerous places: conferences, museums, happenings, cultural events, scientific meetings, where knowledge is disseminated and innovation is spread with high added value.

Here you find news and event dates you cannot miss to deep dive into history, culture and science. Everything that made Quirino a great man, will make you great.


Entering SIAD means to step into a world combining experience and history to the passion for the future. Enthusiasm, knowledge and an open-minded approach make SIAD the best place for your professional growth. Click here and apply for our job vacancies.

We look forward to sharing our positive energy with you and being contaminated by your insights.

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