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To complement its experience, in the biomethane supply chain, Tecno Project Industriale provides three proven technologies for liquefaction:

  • Pure LNG-LIN: biomethane liquefaction achieved by the process of evaporating liquid nitrogen
  • Pure LNG-DCE: biomethane liquefaction achieved directly by multistage compression, cooling and adiabatic expansion techniques
  • Pure LNG-TB: liquefaction achieved by heat exchanger integrated in a closed cycle with expansion turbines and boosters.

The application of the produced bio-LNG allows remote storage and transportation of a fully renewable fuel such as methane. Also, this is an ideal solution to meet sustainable energy demands while supporting the circular economy.

Technologies and advantages

  • Consolidated technologies enhanced by the strong cryogenic expertise of TPI and SIAD Macchine Impianti
  • Highly reliable and efficient machines for the treatment of nitrogen (compressors and turbines)
  • Simple plant management process and control system in all stages of operation
  • Integration with upgrading systems and maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Safe plants with a low environmental impact.